Prasobh Allways Fotografie | Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ



Q. What types of photography options does Prasobh Allways Fotografie offer?

A. You name it; we do it!

We shoot wedding photography, lifestyle portrait photography, portrait photography, family and children’s party photography, marriage vow renewal photography, prom photography, dinner dance photography, Christmas party photography, gala photography, christening and baptism photography, family  photography, first Holy Communion photography, engagement photography, ‘Trash the Dress’  photography, and photo sessions for many other special occasions, as well.


Q. Where is Prasobh Allways Fotografie located?

A. We are located in the beautiful city of Groningen, Netherlands, but we often travel around the globe to photograph different types of events and to manage our photography firm in India.


Q. Does Prasobh Allways Fotografie travel outside of Netherlands?

A. Yes, we can travel to any part of the globe. All you need to do is contact us to book our service in advance.


Q. What is the photography signature style of Prasobh Allways Fotografie?

A. We are photojournalists, so we like to make stories with great frames; therefore, we are always fascinated in captivating meaningful moments in life that are filled with emotions.


Q. What are Prasobh Allways Fotografie's current rates?

A. You can find our rates on this website by clicking the tab named ‘Price.’ If those tailored prices don’t suit your shoot, then you will need a customized price. If that is the case, for further information, feel free to email us at or call / text us at +31(0)638776555. If you live too far to meet us in person, we are more than willing to conduct a video chat on Skype to further discuss your shoot.


Q. How long has Prasobh Allways Fotografie been photographing weddings?

A. Since October 10, 2010, Prasobh Allways Fotografie has been photographing wedding events professionally.


Q. May other people take photos while PAF team is taking photos at my event?

A. As long as they don’t interrupt the PAF’s team, your guests may take as many photos as they desire with their own personal cameras.


Q. Is Prasobh Allways Fotografie adequately insured?

A. Yes, PAF is covered by a full-liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Q. Are the photos taken in black and white or color?

A. Prasobh Allways Fotografie photographers will photograph 99% in color, as there are occasions when certain photos look better in monochrome. Once you receive your proofs in private webpage, disk or flash drive, you can always ask to PAF for any / all of your images in black and white, at no extra penny.


Q. Will Prasobh Allways Fotografie accept a list of specific photos / videos to be taken?

A. Yes, you can specify the 'must have moments' that you want to be captured on photos. But, don’t forget to allow PAF the time to take candid photography, beyond any doubt as these photos will be the memories that you will treasure the most from your unique event.


Q. Is Prasobh Allways Fotografie my best option for my event?

A. We strongly suggest that you look at our portfolio and check the images on our blog, which contains our most recent work. If you like our work, contact us, as we can also show you some album samples in person.


Q. What kind of equipment does Prasobh Allways Fotografie use?

A. For the photo, I (Prasobh) currently use 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II and my co-photographer uses Nikon D3/D800 (all are full frame cameras).  For the video we use Pro-Sony camera like FS700, PXW Z100, CANON E0S C100, BLACK MAGIC Cinema 4k Camera, Mark III... We also use GoPro / Contour Action cams, Steadicam, Jib, Sliders, Drones for the different perspective of your moments. We have the proficiency to capture your beautiful moment in Full HD, 2K, 2.5k and 4K Ultra HD formats on demand.


Q. Will you have back-up equipment?

A. Yes, Prasobh Allways Fotografie always carries multiple lenses and at least two cameras to every event just in case an issue arises with the equipment.


Q. Does Prasobh Allways Fotografie use lighting equipment in shoots?

A. We only use soft boxes, umbrellas, video light, and flash when the quality of light present is not sufficient. If your event demands more lighting setup, we will use our professional light setup that contains HMI lights.


Q. What is the number of photos that I will get from my event?

A. It all depends on the event you are having. For four-hour wedding, we provide 200+ photos, and for an eight-hour wedding, we provide no less than 400 edited photos. For a full wedding day, our clients acquire around 600+ images. For other events and shoots, the number of photos you obtain will depend on the characteristic of your shoot.


Q. When will I receive my wedding photos?

A. It might take anywhere between 15 to 30 days, for the edit like colour correction that needs to be performed so that you can attain the best quality of photos that are available in the industry. For regular photo shoots that are not events or weddings, it only takes a maximum of  7 days.


Q. Do I get to keep the digital files?

A. Yes, every event / wedding package comes with a disc or flash drive that includes all final images in high resolution and a virtual album in our website, which is a private web gallery that contains high-resolution images and video for download. It is the perfect visual gift for all of the guests that attended your event. You can print or download those photos / videos as often as you want.


Q. Do you offer E-commerce in this website? Do you sell digital / print products?

A. PAF's e-commerce platform allows you to buy products from our partner labs in multiple currencies and deliver them to anywhere in the globe. The visitors and clients will be able to pay for their orders by credit card or Paypal in following currencies.

US Dollars

Pounds Sterling


Canadian Dollars

Australian Dollars

Self-fulfilled and Digital Products directly from our website can buy in the following 18 currencies and must be paid for using Paypal.

Euros                            Australian Dollars             Singapore Dollar               Canadian Dollars

Swedish Krona              Danish Krone                    Pounds Sterling                 Polish Zloty 

Japanese Yen                Norwegian Krone              U.S. Dollars                       Hungarian Forint

New Zealand Dollar       Czech Koruna                   Swiss Franc                       Israeli Shekel

Hong Kong Dollar         Mexican Peso.

Guests who visits our website to see the permitted gallery / photos can print the images to any medium directly from our website or download the images by paying its respective price. We have the facility to deliver those ordered prints anywhere in the world. Our online store is fully integrated with many fulfillment partners allowing you to offer over 500 products to our visitors / clients. Whichever vendor you choose, we will work closely with them to make sure the photos are submitted for printing correctly and delivered in a timely manner.

Q. Do you offer wedding albums?

A. Yes, Prasobh Allways Fotografie offers a handful of different high-end books and wedding albums that will go hand-in-hand with your one-of-a-kind photos.

Q. What is the pre-wedding photo shoot that you offer all about?

A. This shoot is to capture two people in love who are about to commit. It is an opportunity for them to know how we work. We offer these types of photo shoot sessions anywhere in Europe. To view our latest engagement photos, check out our portfolio and blog.

Q. What is the ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoot that you offer all about?

A. This is inherently a photo shoot that is taking after a wedding day. We can get as creative and crazy with the photo shoot as you like.  It all comes down to one thing, and that is having some gorgeous images taken back in your wedding dress!

Q. When do I need to book you guys to make sure that you are available for being our wedding photographers?

A. You can book us at any time. Clients book us 3 to six months, a year, or even two years in advance. For that matter, contact us as soon as possible to make sure that we are available on the date of your event.


It's never too early to book your photographer :)